published in 2020 "Gateways to Art" college textbook contains a paragraph on my artwork and an image of one of my frescoes.

pages 213-14
"The American artist Walter O'Neill (b.1951) takes a more painterly and abstract approach to the buon fresco process by working in a loose style that suggests more traditional compositions. Since buon fresco demands that the paint be applied within hours after the lime-plaster surface has been established, the artist has taken advantage of this trait by using energetic gestural strokes that appear to have been executed quickly.  O'Neill, a student of Renaissance fresco painting, captures the essence of ancient techniques and fuses them with the expressive character of modern art."

This text book is currently one the most popular art appreciation text book used in colleges and advanced placement high school classes.  "Gateways to Art" is organized by themes rather than chronologically. The paragraph on my artwork is the section Media and Processes / Fresco.    


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fresco painting and oil painting, Walter O'Neill