Walter O'Neill, ceramics and fresco artist
A painter for over 30 years, I started working in pottery two years ago.  Ceramics is now my primary studio activity.  There are many parallels between fresco painting and ceramics including the working process as well as use of natural earth,and pigments as fundamental materials.  

 Article on recent ceramics exhibit:

In my fresco paintings and oil paintings I explore the transcendent and ecstatic to create contemplative images.  An image of one of my frescoes is featured in the 3rd edition of "Gateways to Art"  the leading art appreciation college textbook. Published by Thames & Hudson. (fall 2018)




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Wonderful to see your beautiful paintings.
-- Joy Mancini, 1/6/13

fresco painting and oil painting, Walter O'Neill

 Walter ONeillDeerfield Beach, FL302-299-2066