Walter O'Neill, ceramics and fresco artist
 Ceramics is my primary studio activity.  For many years i was an abstract artists working in oil, and fresco painting.  Working in clay is drawing in three-dimensions. There are many parallels between fresco painting and ceramics including the working process as well as use of natural earth pigments as fundamental materials.  

 Article on recent ceramics exhibit:

In my fresco paintings and oil paintings I explore the transcendent and ecstatic to create contemplative images.  An image of one of my frescoes is featured in the art appreciation college textbook "Gateways to Art"  Published by Thames & Hudson. (fall 2018)




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Wonderful to see your beautiful paintings.
-- Joy Mancini, 1/6/13

fresco painting and oil painting, Walter O'Neill

 Walter ONeillDeerfield Beach, FL302-299-2066