To view recent work find me on Instagram at WalterONeill2.  I am the ceramic artist-in-residence, 2023-24 at Bailey Contemporary Art Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.  There are open studio events the first Friday of the month or contact me to visit anytime. 

Ceramic Sculpture
 My sculptures reference the fecundity of the sub-tropical environment of south Florida intertwined with reference to human organs and the body. In my practice i explore the dualities of clay and form, interior and exterior, line and shape, wet and dry, malleable and hard, open closed, male and female.  

For many years I was a painter primarily working in true fresco creating wall-hung frescoes as well as commissioned murals. Fresco, like clay, uses natural earth materials of lime, sand and earth pigments.  I taught at Skowhegan for a decade and conducted fresco workshops at colleges throughout the country.
 An image of one of my frescoes is featured in the art appreciation college textbook "Gateways to Art"  Published by Thames & Hudson. (fall 2018)


ceramic sculpture
ceramic garden

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Wonderful to see your beautiful paintings.
-- Joy Mancini, 1/6/13

fresco painting and oil painting, Walter O'Neill